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Liberty Foundation & Inhand Clinic

Well that was a whole lot of fun! 12 lovely combinations in 2 classes of 6 for the connection classes ( exercises to help improve our liberty ) Followed by classes of 2 and 3 for Liberty Foundation.

There were so many lovely moments in the connection exercises where horses and humans bring down the walls to truly connect.

A must do class for any combination.

This class is for all levels of horses no matter what the genre from baby horses through to more advanced and senior citizens, all get some stunning moments and results.

Liberty Foundation is a continuation on from the connection classes as combinations get to play with what they already know and step in to Liberty and beyond by using bridging and exercises to help horse and human play as one.

We had combinations who were on their first go ever to more advanced partnerships, we also took one combination through some first ridden bridleless exercises. This combination has been working with me for 2 years on shifting the older locked and blocked competition horse in to lightness with classical dressage EDL and inhand work. The classical dressage works very well as a cross over into Liberty as it is about the lightest aids and correct use of rider/horse biomechanics. Truly spectacular!!!

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